Psychology During Pregnancy

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Psychology During Pregnancy

The news of a pregnancy is one of the most shocking in the psychic and emotional life of a woman. During the next 9 months the woman will experience psychological and emotional changes

The news of a pregnancy is one of the most shocking in the psychic and emotional life of a woman. From that moment, a nine-month stage begins in which emotions are close to the surface and the easy tear can appear at any time. Therefore, do not worry if you are surprised by crying at a Christmas ad, you startle with the cry of a baby or you are affected too much by the words of someone who previously went unnoticed. 

What is happening is that at the same time that you are developing a baby, a new identity is also being born in you, the identity of being a mother, and that you will have to discover adventuring in the sensations, emotions and thoughts that will appear as the months go by.

Psychological and emotional changes every quarter

First trimester

The first trimester of pregnancy is certainly contradictory. There are few physical changes in the body and, nevertheless, many things are removed internally.

Why if my head tells me I’m happy, I feel sad? How can it be that if I’m happy, be afraid? It is possible that during this period you have mixed and even contradictory feelings. And it is that one of the main characteristics of these months is the emotional ambivalence. It seems that women, we can feel all that at once, well, without more and this is sometimes difficult to digest.

It is also likely that you feel nausea, sleepiness and fatigue . How wise is the body! Did you realize that this symptom makes you stop? And the function of these signals is to force you to stop the frantic pace in which we live, helps you to become aware of what is happening and connect with the baby you are brewing.

You may also feel confused, absent, dazed or in your world, but in no way have you been “dumb” or have lost intellectual faculties, or memory, or anything of all those things that you say. You simply have all your cognitive resources put on something more important; Prepare mentally for the great change of your life.

It is important that you know that it is at this stage when you begin to remove unresolved past conflicts, and this thinking about childhood can make you feel agitated.

Pregnancy Second quarter

In this second trimester, nausea and tiredness usually subside and give way to a feeling of well-being, energy and generalized calm. The 12-week psychological barrier has been overcome and each day you are more certain that this pregnancy will succeed. It is a stage of illusion.

The pregnant belly is already becoming evident and most women accept it with pride, understanding it as part of the process. There are others, however, who live the body changes in a very traumatic way, worried about recovering the pre-pregnancy figure as soon as they give birth. But you’re not fat, you’re pregnant , it’s different, and one thing is to take care of yourself and another, to obsess.

These months he fantasizes about how the baby will be . You will feel the need to grant the characteristics that define us in the extrauterine world, that is, to endow it with a physical image and a personality, which will generally be associated with the agitation or rest that the mother perceives inside the gut.

It is also a period in which sexual appetite tends to increase and sexual relationships are greatly enjoyed. Take advantage of this moment! The final stage of pregnancy and postpartum are usually characterized on the contrary.

Pregnancy Third Trimester

There is little left for the time of delivery and you may start to get scared and anguished about it, especially if you are new. In this period, thoughts of the type are very common And what if I put the anesthesia wrong? What if the baby is not born well? What if there are complications for both? Luckily, in 2011 the document “The birth plan” was created with the aim that the woman can express and record in writing their wishes, needs and preferences about the birth of their child before it occurs, and this, together with the classes of preparation for childbirth , help you to feel control, before a situation perceived as uncontrollable and in the hands of health personnel.

Anyway, it is normal to feel fearful before giving birth, childbirth is an unknown situation and we have heard it speak a thousand times. Now it’s your turn to live it and discover what your story will be.

What you should know…

As the months pass, feelings, emotions and new thoughts appear related to the birth of a new identity in women, that of being a mother.

In the first trimester it is possible to have mixed feelings and even contradictory ones. And it is that, one of the main characteristics of these months is the emotional ambivalence

In the second trimester, after the psychological barrier of 12 weeks has passed , each day you are more certain that this pregnancy will go ahead. It is a stage of illusion.

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