Ideal tips to improve fitness and overall health

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Improve fitness and overall health: Maintaining the best state of health can only be achieved by following two specific paths.

The first is through a balanced diet. The second, with physical exercises. This duality is vital so that the person is always fully so that he can enjoy every moment of life to the fullest.

The next paragraphs will aim to give the best advice so that through exercise you can follow certain guidelines necessary for health to enjoy a long and pleasant life.

Swimming, a good method to keep fit

The best fitness and sports magazines, such as, guide the reader to discover the best useful tips to stay healthy in most of life. For this reason, walking, lifting weights or running are some of the activities that doctors advise to maintain an excellent state of health.

Here are five tips that determine why swimming is a good option:

* Delays old age : swimming is an exercise that could postpone the aging of the tissues, since the integral movement of the muscles and internal organs permanently oxygenate the entire body, helping the cells and hormones to constantly rejuvenate.

* Exact motor coordination: the coordination of the whole body, which is in motion, promotes motor capacity and balance so that the body recovers the coordination that is lost naturally as time goes by.

* Oxygenates the brain : when the body is in constant contact with water, it makes it possible that when swimming with the proper way of breathing, the brain becomes oxygenated, which improves memory capacity considerably, among other benefits.

* Promotes endurance and flexibility : in swimming, breathing constantly through the nose and exhaling through the mouth helps the lungs and, consequently, improves endurance and strengthens muscles, joints and bones. With what the body gains in mobility and flexibility.* Relax the body and mind : beyond all the physical benefits that swimming brings to the body, it is noteworthy to mention that this activity is an excellent anti-stress therapy because it relaxes the muscular tensions accumulated during the workday.  

Mental sport for a healthy balance

Daily stress, constant distress due to negative situations or problems lead to a gradual deterioration in the quality of life. And therefore, wasting useful energy that can be channeled by other means so that mental health and psychological well-being are accompanied by good exercise.

Some psychologists from recognized universities believe that physical exercise and mental tranquility go hand in hand so that the emotional balance of the individual is stable. Because the central nervous system, when in sports activities, forms certain proteins that generate a feeling of relaxation and happiness.

A firm body, an open mind, and a free spirit

Yoga is a physical and mental activity that has been widely shown to improve the quality of life of those who practice it. Psychologists from the University of Colorado, in the USA, have shown that yoga is an excellent ally and even some doctors consider it preventive or rehabilitative medicine because it stimulates metabolism, the circulation of positive internal energy and the oxygenation of the body and brain.

For these reasons, the practice of yoga as a daily exercise is one of the advantages because, beyond preventing diseases, it encourages the human being:

* Seek inner peace.

* Reduce anxiety and stress.

* Regulate sleep and avoid insomnia.

* Maintain a good mood and the feeling of happiness.  

* Prevent diseases and retard physical aging.

* Strengthen concentration.

* Excellent couple therapist.

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