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Should I eat without salt? Are periodic fasts adequate? What should I do if I retain liquids? To take a diet rich in nutrients, well compensated and, above all, adequate to our condition and metabolism you need to know before the dietary principles that guarantee your well-being.

improve fitness and overall health

Ideal tips to improve fitness and overall health

Improve fitness and overall health: Maintaining the best state of health can only be achieved by following two specific paths. The first is through a balanced diet. The second, with physical

Weight loss pills

Weight Loss Pills|Natural Remedies for Weight Loss 4 Tips

When you are during a weight loss process it is possible that the doctor or the nutritionist indicates, in addition to healthy eating and physical activity, the intake of any

Soft Diet|What is it Exactly?

Soft Diet|What is it Exactly?

The soft diet contains cooked non-flatulent vegetables, refined grains, white meats, and whitefish, etc. All with gentle cooking. What at the hospital level is known as the soft diet is