food phobias

Phobias|Types of Food Phobias

Phobias:When talking about phobias, perhaps insects, darkness, airplanes, heights or closed spaces come to mind … And what about food? Yes, there are also phobias related to food. In fact, it

Dental Caries

Dental Caries|Tooth Decay Treatment

Dental Caries Dental Caries: The treatment of caries as an infectious disease will consist of two fundamental parts. The first will be the elimination of the infectious agent and dental tissues affected

Omega 3 Dosage for Depression

Omega 3 Dosage for Depression and Anxiety

Omega 3 is a fatty acid and dietary component on which studies have been carried out to evaluate how they could influence the prevention and treatment of depression. According to

Antidepressant drugs

Antidepressant drugs| How to take antidepressants

What are Antidepressant drugs What are Antidepressant drugs: Antidepressants are the most common treatment for depressive disorders.These drugs have a fairly wide margin of safety, with few contraindications and side

The Care of the Teeth During Pregnancy

The Care of the Teeth During Pregnancy|toothache

The Care of the Teeth During Pregnancy Toothache:During pregnancy, the woman undergoes a series of changes in her body and in her behavior that can directly affect an increased risk

Meaning of Changes in the Prostate

Meaning of Changes in the Prostate

Meaning of Changes in the Prostate: You may have prostate problems and want to learn more about the symptoms and risk factors for prostate cancer, PSA screenings, and non-cancerous conditions



Travel|Pros and Cons Travel is said to be the only expense that makes you richer. Certainly, there are more and more people who save regularly to travel, investing an important

What is reactive hypoglycaemia in sports?

Reactive Hypoglycemia in Sports

Reactive Hypoglycemia in Sports Hypoglycemia in Sports: Reactive hypoglycemia is a disorder that can cause dizziness, which is common in athletes. Discover what it is about, when it appears and

False myths about skin care

False Myths About Skin Care

False Myths About Skin Care Skin Care: is possible that dermatology is the medical specialty on which circulate more hoaxes and false myths, especially regarding the care of the skin.

Physiotherapy and its intervention in esports

Physiotherapy and its Intervention in Esports

The gamers can spend many hours training or competing, and although it seems a sport of little physical wear, it is not like that. The help of a physiotherapist is