definition of cardiology

Definition Of Cardiology

The cardiology is the specialization of medicine focused on the analysis of the heart. The cardiologists, therefore, can perform diagnostics and treatments indicate disorders linked to this body.Although the requirements vary by country, usually the cardiologists are doctors and surgeons who then

Medicine Definition

Medicine Definition

The term medicine comes from Latin medicine and refers to the science that allows to prevent and cure diseases of the human body. Medicine is also used as a synonym for the medication (from Latin medicamentum), which is the substance that

Weight loss pills

Weight Loss Pills|Natural Remedies for Weight Loss 4 Tips

When you are during a weight loss process it is possible that the doctor or the nutritionist indicates, in addition to healthy eating and physical activity, the intake of any

Side Effects Of Antibiotics

Side Effects Of Antibiotics| 8 Insane Things That to Do Your Body

Side Effects Of Antibiotics Side Effects Of Antibiotics:The side effects of antibiotics should be on everyone’s radar, given the extent of antibiotic use in the United States. As of April 2018, antibiotics were

Definition of health

Definition of Health

Definition of health:Before entering fully into the definition of what the term health means it is necessary to see where the etymological origin of the aforementioned concept is found. More exactly


What is Jaundice| Yellow Jaundice Treatment

What is Jaundice:Jaundice is a term used to describe a yellowish tinge on the skin and whites of the eyes. Body fluids can also be yellow. The color of the skin

Athlete Triad new

Athlete Triad |Female Athlete Triad Symptoms

Athlete Triad Symptoms Athlete Triad Symptoms : The Triad is an association of three clinical disorders, which is observed in physically active women with low-fat percentage. The first time the triad was talked about was in

Feeding Tips to Prevent Sports Injuries

Feeding Tips to Prevent Sports Injuries

Feeding Tips to Prevent Sports Injuries Feeding Tips to Prevent Sports Injuries: The main injuries that occur in sports are fractures, sprains, tears and inflammations, either of bones, muscles or

food phobias

Phobias|Types of Food Phobias

Phobias:When talking about phobias, perhaps insects, darkness, airplanes, heights or closed spaces come to mind … And what about food? Yes, there are also phobias related to food. In fact, it

Dental Caries

Dental Caries|Tooth Decay Treatment

Dental Caries Dental Caries: The treatment of caries as an infectious disease will consist of two fundamental parts. The first will be the elimination of the infectious agent and dental tissues affected