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Welcome toOVER-THE-COUNTER DRUG, since 2004 one in every of the world’s leading open-access medical and natural science hubs.

We square measure a tightly knit community of scientific, medical, and life sciences specialists that turn out and share the most recent info, in a very legible, graspable means.

What we tend to Do for Our Users

OVER-THE-COUNTER DRUG was designed to place medical and life sciences info in reach of individuals that may build a distinction.

Healthcare professionals, researchers, and engaged shoppers will access a wealth of open-access content from thought leaders across the planet.

Exclusive interviews with philanthropist Prize-winning. laureates. perceptive articles are written by specialists in a massive vary of fields. beside our encyclopedic library of health and life sciences articles written by our in house team of medical professionals. Our mission is to share science with you.

Our Content

It’s vital to inform the proper story within the right means. At OVER-THE-COUNTER DRUG, we’re well versed in translating complicated, scientific info into simply legible, shareable content.

We share frequent updates via associate degree ever-expanding news feed. we tend to develop careful health articles that cut into medical and life sciences topics. Our interviews explore the distinctive vantage points of trade specialists by asking the queries that you simply wish answered.

OVER-THE-COUNTER DRUG conjointlceivesy re funding from show advertisements. These square measure subject to strict pointers {and we tend to|and that we} can refuse any advertising that we believe is incompatible with our mission.

Our in-house advertising isn’t targeted to individual users however could also be placed on website adjacent to content associated with publicizer or sponsor interests. All advertisements square measure distinguishable from alternative content with the label “Advertisement”.