Month: June 2019

food phobias

Phobias|Types of Food Phobias

Phobias:When talking about phobias, perhaps insects, darkness, airplanes, heights or closed spaces come to mind … And what about food? Yes, there are also phobias related to food. In fact, it

Dental Caries

Dental Caries|Tooth Decay Treatment

Dental Caries Dental Caries: The treatment of caries as an infectious disease will consist of two fundamental parts. The first will be the elimination of the infectious agent and dental tissues affected

Omega 3 Dosage for Depression

Omega 3 Dosage for Depression and Anxiety

Omega 3 is a fatty acid and dietary component on which studies have been carried out to evaluate how they could influence the prevention and treatment of depression. According to

Antidepressant drugs

Antidepressant drugs| How to take antidepressants

What are Antidepressant drugs What are Antidepressant drugs: Antidepressants are the most common treatment for depressive disorders.These drugs have a fairly wide margin of safety, with few contraindications and side

The Care of the Teeth During Pregnancy

The Care of the Teeth During Pregnancy|toothache

The Care of the Teeth During Pregnancy Toothache:During pregnancy, the woman undergoes a series of changes in her body and in her behavior that can directly affect an increased risk