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Over-the-counter (OTC) medicine or medicines sold-out on to a client while not a prescription from a care skilled, as against pharmaceuticals, which can be sold-out solely to shoppers possessing a sound prescription.

All About Genetic Tests

Have you ever wondered what diseases you are going to have? Or is it possible that I have transmitted some genetic defect to my children? The answers are in the genetic test, a DNA analysis that reveals information about the risk of certain diseases.


The spermiogram analyzes the volume or quantity of sperm and characteristics such as color, pH or viscosity


The seminogram consists in the study of a sample of semen from the patient for its quantitative and qualitative analysis in a specialized laboratory. The quantitative analysis of the semen allows to know the sperm volume or quantity of ejaculated sperm as well as the concentration or number of spermatozoa per millimeter of semen analyzed.